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ABOUT Dee's Collectibles: Jewelry and more!

Hello and Welcome to Dee's Collectibles once again!

After opening Dee's Collectibles back in 1994 and selling on websites like NetCollectibles, eBay, and Bonanza for more than 20 years, I have elected in 2020 to concentrate once again on some of my collectible items.

This will include Jewelry for everyone - women, men  and children alike, but also some toys, fast food items, marbles, belt buckles, records, Pez and more collectible items!

Tutorials are also available for some of the one of a kind items for sale. Purchases of tutorials are downloaded after purchase.

No matter what the season, reason or occasion - you will be able to find that perfect gift for that special person.

All items are unique in that they are either one of a kind or they are an estate sales or auction purchased item.

So many items to see!

Browse and enjoy! And thank you for visiting!



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